The Shield – Season 7, Episode 8 Review

7.08 Parricide

HOLY FUCK.  My mouth is still wide open by the greatness of this episode.

Remember this will be a SPOILER review.  Click read more for the review.

I’m at a loss for words and trying to come up with tangible sentences is going to be tough.  This was the best episode of the season and I can honestly say will top any best Shield episode lists.  It was jam packed full of greatness.  I struggle to think what the next five episodes could bring as this was the end of The Strike Team and the end of Vic’s career as a cop.  The emotion this episode conveyed was outstanding, the sadness of watching this once tight family break apart was gutwrenching.  To see Vic hand in his gun and badge and leave The Barn was beautifully underplayed.  Things will never be the same again, this episode reminds us that things are coming to a close and honestly, I don’t think I’m ready.

The episode kicked off with Two Man trying to kill Ronnie and Shane hiding in Vic’s house, ready to murder him.  The plan backfired, we all know when it comes to Shane’s plan, they never work out.  The whole Barn come together to try and catch the guy who tried to kill Ronnie.  They get Two Man, Dutch and Billings try their hardest to get a confession out him.  Shane sweats it out, trying his best to make sure they don’t find the gun that Two Man used to shoot at Ronnie.  Though eventually Two Man confesses that Shane put him up to the hit.  In one of the most gripping and beautifully edited scenes of the show – Shane realising that his number is up, flees The Barn.  I literally couldn’t believe my eyes what was happening, I did not expect this to happen.

The title of this episode is called Parricide, which literally means the murder of a father or mother.  Sometimes the meaning is different and can be related to a close relative.  I have talked before about family and this season is all about families tearing apart.  Vic has always been a father figure for Shane, he’s looked up to Vic and tried to become like him.  Who knows if he would have been able to kill Vic, if Vic entered his home.

The episode ended with Vic handing in his badge and gun and leaving The Barn.  Vic knows that he must go after Shane but knew Claudette would have kept him to The Barn.  As mentioned already, the underplayed scene of him leaving was great.  No sentimental rubbish, just him saying his final FU to Claudette and then gracefully leaving.  Though now Mackey has gone rogue and I honestly cannot predict what is next to come.

Other stuff did go on in this episode but not as exciting.  Pezuela meets with Acevada and tells him that he can secure him being Mayor.  The Feds tell Acevada to take the offer and jump into bed with Pezuela.  Vic also tries to get a new job as an inside man.  Plus he learns that there is someone higher than Pezuela, who’s in the Mexican Cartel and seems to be tracking Pezuela.  We’ve got five episodes left and two opposing main stories; Shane and Pezuela.  How is Vic going to handle both?  It seems impossible that he can try and find Shane while also help bring down Pezuela.

When one of your favourite television shows comes to end, it’s heartbreaking.  I take my television very serious, I love good TV.  I’ve been watching The Shield for over seven years now and it’s always sustained it’s brilliant quality.  Not many TV shows can say that, The Shield can.  This episode is the start of the home stretch, we’re nearing the end.  Five more weeks and this show is finished.  Honestly this time, in five weeks time, I might be struggling to breathe.

Quote of the episode: Vic “If this all what’s left of this job, I don’t want it.”

Favourite Scene: Shane feeling from The Barn, when Two Man confesses.


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