The Shield – Season 7, Episode 9 Review

7.09 Moving Day

The cat and mouse game between Vic and Shane begins.

Remember this will be a SPOILER review.  Click read more for the review.

I was so blown away by last weeks episode that it was going to be hard for this new episode to be even better than that.  While I was right, this isn’t the strongest episode of the season but there was nothing wrong with it, it’s The Shield, it’s always brilliant.  This episode raised a lot of questions for me, questions that I’m trying my hardest to answer.  Would Vic have actually killed Shane and pregnant Mara?  Is Dutch going to be the next victim of the teenage killer?  Where does Ronnie’s loyalties lay?  It’s questions like these that will be running through my head up until the finale.  That scene with Vic and Ronnie on the phone in which Vic makes Ronnie realise that Mara has to be killed as well but Jackson is too young to be a witness was fantastic.

The main focus of this episode was Vic trying to track down Shane but finding it very difficult without his badge.  You could see the scene in the pharmacist that his power has gone, he can still do certain things but now he’s powerless on the streets and with Agent Murray.  He’s just a man with a gun and out for revenge but frankly I don’t think he’s thinking straight.  Is it really smart to kill a couple with a child in the car park of a hospital?

The Ronnie and Claudette scene was brilliant, telling her that Shane killed Lem.  Ronnie wants to keep his job, he has to play both sides.  He has to help out Vic because they need to get rid of Shane so Ronnie can keep his job.  Ronnie also needs to please Claudette or he’s out.  The question I asked myself was where will his loyalties lay?  In the end, I don’t think he will choose to side with Vic.  Killing a pregnant woman is going too far and I think he’d rather go to jail than be responsible for the death of Mara.

The other main story involving Pezeula took a back seat in this episode.  Acevada met with Pezeula and another man named Beltran, who is a big player.  This whole Pezeula storyline was the focus at the start of this season but now with the whole Shane thing, it’s just not that interesting anymore.  It’s still good mind but my investment in it has lessened.  I’m so invested into the whole Vic/Shane thing that anything else seems small.  I actually am more invested in how Dutch will end up than the Pezeula storyline.

Dutch is still trying his hardest to get the teenage boy to confess to murder.  Now the mother might be seeing what Dutch sees.  I so love his character that I so want his storyline to become epic but I’m becoming very worried about Dutch and his safety.  I want a great ending for his character, I don’t want the ending that I keep thinking of.

Four episodes left guys, the final episode airs November 25th.  One month left of one of the greatest shows on TV.  I’m really excited for what’s to come, I will be doing  something special for the end of the show.  I will be writing a piece, a sort of memorial article about the show.  I’ll be talking about all the seasons, the characters, what I love most of the show and what the show will be remembered for.  Sort of like a goodbye from me, so I’ll be writing that over the next month and expect it about a week after the finale ends.

Quote of the episode: Pezeula “Mr Mayor, the dick is up your ass.”

Favourite Scene: Vic on the phone with Ronnie telling him that Mara has to be killed as well.


3 Responses to The Shield – Season 7, Episode 9 Review

  1. CK says:

    Very cool site. I love The Shield. I agree with you about last week’s episode being very well done. I honestly thought that episode 8 was one of the best ones I have ever seen. And I too am glad they are moving things along much quicker. I’ve been searching the internet for the trailer they showed at the end of last night’s show, whey they say – only four episodes left. Maybe one of your readers will have it. Anyway, I’ll be checking back and enjoyed reading your summary.

  2. Geeky Talk says:

    Thanks for your comment, I’m glad you like my site. It’s always great to hear from other Shield fans.

  3. pinkylynx says:

    It’s a great show. Tho I have a thing still for “The Big Commish”….too…marshmallow peep that I can be at times…

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