The Shield – Season 7, Episode 11 Review

7.11 Petty Cash

Vic gets further into the cartel and comes close to being taken down for good.

Remember this will be a SPOILER review.  Click read more for the review.

Vic is one lucky guy, he again manages to slip through the net and I’m thankful for that but it’s not looking good for him.  Ronnie on the other hand is not so lucky, he’s safe for now but for how long?  Hopefully now he’s part of the FEDS investigation it might be a get out of jail free card for him.  I’m suspecting that the FEDS won’t allow even Vic or Ronnie to be arrested or their case will fall apart.  The more I see, the more I don’t see jail as the end of Vic’s journey.  It might be the other prominent story but it’s the ending I predict least.  Vic is maniplating a lot of people, there are so many other ways for his character to end other than jail.  He stole $100,000 from One Niners and if they find out they won’t be happy.  If Beltran ever finds out the truth, well it’s easy to assume what will happen then.  Then there is Shane and if they ever come face to face again, we should expect blood.

Shane and Mara in this episode try to get some money together before they head out of Los Angeles.  Though not with much luck at first and when they do get some, it’s hardly much to start a new life.  The scene of the end of the episode about friends was touching.  All they have is each other and they will stick together forever, until the very end.  It seems obvious that whatever happens to Shane, that Mara will be with him.

What I enjoyed most about the episode was the use of Julien.  I’m so glad he got something to do and was given a story.  I was worried that once he broke from The Strike Team that he would be underutilized but I’m glad that has not been the case.  He has also now been included in bringing down Vic and it was clearly signposted that he seems to be having trouble going behind the backs of his former team members.  The Strike Team was everything to Julian, he was given a purpose.  It’s not surprsing he feels some loyalty to Vic and Shane.  Plus remember Vic has always been a good friend to Julien.  When it came out that Julien was “gay,” Vic stood by him and helped him out, he was a good friend.  So don’t be surprised if he warns Vic and Ronnie about what is going on.

Some short points:-

There was finally some talk on Danny, seems we might be seeing her again now that Vic is no longer around The Barn.  This is good news because I’d hoped it wasn’t the last we saw of her.  Seems she just took a break from the world of Vic.

The name on the parcel sent to Claudette was Cletus Van Damme.

Loved the verbal war between Vic and Dave in this episode.  Acevada does not like to lose to Vic and he won’t let Vic take away any chance he has to become Mayor.

Corrine is beginning to question if she’s doing the right thing.  We’ve always seen the hold Vic has on her, with all the things he has done she still questions herself.  She is slowly loosing it and is cracking under the pressure, she does not want Vic to know what she’s doing, she fears for her safety.  The scene with her, Vic and Cassidy shows us that Corrine might be changing her mind.

Two episodes left and this is the most I have ever been excited for an end of a television show.  I’ve seen many of my favourite shows end but all of them I always predict or have an idea how they’ll finish.  The Shield is unpredictable and that is why we’re going to be in for something special.  Something that people will speak about for years to come.

Quote of the episode: Vic “You’ve got an action hero on your payroll.”

Favourite Scene: Vic with the one liners, I mean one niners.


5 Responses to The Shield – Season 7, Episode 11 Review

  1. killerlu says:

    As a huge fan of “The Shield”, I read your review and comments with interest.
    I agree with you that the more Vic Mackey does his manipulating of all these different people from Olivia and ICE to the One-Niners to the Cartel to the Police and using so many different people in these from Corinne, Aceveda, Olivia, Ronnie, the gangs (in searching for Shane and family)…like Ronnie said “the wheels are coming off the whole damn thing”. I have a feeling the wheels WILL come off and we’ll find ourselves witnessing a last episode filled with the ramifications of this plan gone awry. There are too many elements and the unpredictableness of the people involved. Especially since he still hasn’t figured out that Corinne is working with the police.
    And even though I know that I should really hate Shane. And not to mention Mara. But the writers have made this arc with them sad, touching, moving, desperate, pathetic all at once! Plus at this point it’s tough thinking that Vic and Ronnie will find Shane before anyone else. Even then you’re talking about getting away with murder while the authorities are almost dead-to-rights on them.
    Using Julien in the episode as much as they did was good. And we get the added bonus of seeing another character (or two) that only the close loyal followers of the show would recognize. Where I disagree with you is about what Julien is thinking. His loyalty has always been with Wyms. He’s being handed the responsibility of helping arrest his fellow cops who disliked him back a few seasons ago when they thought he was a snitch already. He seems uncomfortable but will do it as a good soldier. What I enjoyed was that Dutch knows Wyms so well, he can see she is getting obsessed over bringing in Mackey. Even more than the guy who tried killing a cop (Shane). So obsessed that she was willing to let Ronnie go without being arrested so she would not jeopardize her being able to have the satisfaction of arresting Vic herself.
    Well, I could go on but I’ll stop here. Can you tell I’m a big fan?

  2. Rev-Views says:

    It was a great episode wasn’t it?

    Did you notice this shot by the way?

    (I hope that displays the picture correctly)

  3. Rev-Views says:

    No it didn’t. Sigh. Once again I fail at HTML.

    Here’s a direct link to the screen cap I took.

  4. Geeky Talk says:

    Thanks for your thoughts, great post. I very much can tell you are a big fan and I enjoy hearing thoughts from fans of the show.

  5. Jonny says:

    Hey, this is the latest one I’ve watched, so almost caught up.

    With regards to Julian, you are right, he was completed underused when he was part of the Strike Team, and I got the impression that he didn’t have a problem working on bringing Vic and Shane down – Wyrms posed him the question and while he didn’t jump at the chance, they didn’t seem to be much conflict.
    I’m most pleased with the development of Ronnie, I always felt he was making up the numbers on the Strike Team, a “me too” kind of guy in earlier seasons, so it’s good to see a greater involvement from him.
    Can’t wait to see how it ends.

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