The Shield – Season 7, Episode 13 THE FINAL EVER EPISODE REVIEW

7.13 Family Meeting

It’s time to hand in our Shields.  We say goodbye to The Barn.

Remember this will be a SPOILER review.  Click read more for the review.

I’m sitting here at my desk trying to compose myself to write this review.  I only finished watching the episode about half an hour before I’m writing this.  I only started Geeky Talk this past summer and I always intended to review the final season of The Shield when it came about.  It’s the thing I looked forward to the most on this site.  I have had a blast trying to write coherent reviews for you people to enjoy.  It seems my passion for the show has paid off because my Shield reviews get the most hits for my blog.  I love reading all the comments from the people who love the show as much as me.  These past few months have been quite stressful for me for reasons I’m not going to explain, life shit stuff.  Though doing this blog and especially these Shield reviews have eased those worries of mine.  I have enjoyed every minute of it and I just wanted to thank you all for taking the time out and reading my blog.  I also want to thank Rev-Views who has been kind enough to link my site from his.  He too has been reviewing this season of The Shield and I have enjoyed his work immensely.  I just wanted to say my thanks before I get onto the review.

What I’m going to do is talk about characters individually and give my thoughts on if I liked their endings.

Dutch didn’t get the closure that I thought his character would get and I’m thankful for that.  I honestly thought that he would die by the hands of Lloyd but I’m so happy the writers didn’t do that.  I was surprised how the Lloyd story ended but not disappointed.  We know Dutch is going to get the kid, it’s Dutch.

Claudette was superb, my main highlight was her with Vic in the interrogation room.  CCH Pounder is a outstanding actress and some of her best work was in that scene when she’s showing Vic the photos.  The other wonderful scene was when she was telling Dutch that she is dying and that she’ll be coming into work until the day she dies.  So sad but very Claudette.

Shane’s ending was very hard for me to take.  Seeing him take his own life like that was shocking and upsetting.  Then seeing Mara and Jackson, lifeless on the bed with Mara holding the flowers and Jackson with the truck was truly horrifying to see.  My jaw dropped to the ground when viewing that.  Though was it the right way for the character to go?  Yes, there’s no disputing that it was the wrong thing to do to the character. When Shane killed Lem it was unforgivable.  I wanted Shane to pay and honestly I wanted Vic to kill him.

Shane was always a bastard of a character, he was always fun to watch but once he killed Lem that was it for the character.  You would expect every fan to want blood but the writers this season made us sympathetic towards Shane.  We now felt sorry for him and that is extraordinary.  He has been pushed to these thing because of Vic.  He was on the run because of Vic, he had no other option but to kill Vic and Ronnie.  We’ve seen him throughout the second half of this season trying to protect his family.  Do I feel that I’ve been manipulated by the writers to feel sorry for the guy?  Hell no, there has been no manipulation.  I wanted Shane to pay for killing Lem but I never felt that when going into this episode.  I actually was rooting for a happy ending for the character.  It was so bleak for them, so depressing that I just wanted the happy ending of them walking off into the sunset as a family.  Though depending on interpretation, maybe they do have that happy ending.

The other Strike Team member that lost everything was Ronnie.  I was so hoping that he wouldn’t get the ending that was signposted.  Praying that somehow he would get wind of the whole thing and run but sadly that was not the case.  He will be paying for Vic’s actions for the rest of his life.  So heartbreaking seeing him arrested.  The character did not deserve that and how brilliantly Ronnie has developed this season it was even more heartwrenching than normal.  I’m so glad for David Rees Snell this season.  He has had the most interesting arc throughout the show.  We saw him as a mute member of The Strike Team and over the seasons see him come into his own.  A lot of people have come to like Ronnie a lot this season, a lot of us care for that character so it was cruel for the writers to do that to him but it made me really want to see Vic punished for what he did to Ronnie and punsihed he got.

Much speculation of how Vic would end the series has been spoken about for years.  From death to prison, the obvious choices to go with but that was not the case.  He got free of all his crimes but at a costly price.  He has lost his family, his friends, he has no one left.  He’s wearing a suit, stuck behind a desk, his worst nightmare and I couldn’t be more pleased.  Seeing the woman guide Vic around the office was a highlight of the episode.  You could see just from his face what he was feeling at that precise moment.

Michael Chiklis needs recognition for his role of Vic Mackey.  Hell most of the cast deserves Emmy’s.  This has been a season of facial acting.  No words need to be spoken, a face tells us everything we need to know.  From Walton Goggins realising that his fate was sealed when Two-Man began to confess in The Barn to Chiklis in that final scene in which all we see is his eyes and we know what he’s thinking.  This season everyone has acted their asses off.

The greatest achievement by Chiklis in this episode was when he looked down at the photo of Shane and the family.  No words, just silence.  A Powerful, intense scene.  Vic Mackey is the greatest anti-hero Television has ever seen.  We root for a man who killed a cop in cold blood.  He’s a man without remorse, no conscience.  In those final moments when he takes his gun and walks away was a nice way to end the show.  He just shruggs everything off and goes on with his life.  Without any friends or family.

Other points:-

Danny didn’t get much of a closure really.

Acevada seems to be on his way to becoming Mayor but it’s not clearly stated as fact.  It’s a shame that we didn’t get a face to face with Vic and David about Terry’s murder.

Julien’s homosexuality was hinted in this episode when he saw the two men holding hands down the street.  A reminder to us that you can’t just resolve Julien’s story.  His main story of the show was his homosexuality and you can never close those feelings.  No matter what sexual reorientation therapy you take.

It was nice to see Clark Johnson come back to direct the finale.  If you know he directed the pilot episode of the show and he was also in the episode as the man introducing Corrine and co. to their new home.  You’ll also know that he directed the first and final episode of The Wire.  The man got to direct the beginnings and ends of two of the greatest TV shows in history.

We got conformation how many years it’s been between the first season and now.  It’s three.

Those final credits got me teary eyed.  They were tears of joy because I’ve had the pleasure to spend seven years of my life being entertained withoutstanding writing and acting.

I’ll be posting an article up in the next week or so about my love for the show.  A memorial piece to The Shield.  The memories of when I first watched it to discussion on my favourite season to my favourite characters.

Thank you Shield.  I doubt they’ll ever be a show like you again.


19 Responses to The Shield – Season 7, Episode 13 THE FINAL EVER EPISODE REVIEW

  1. Morten says:

    Thank you for some fantastic reviews! Have enjoyed all of them this season. I share your thoughts, and to read them is a nice wrap-up of each episode.

    Im speachless about this series… gutwrenching this last episode.

    Greetings from Norway!

  2. Rev-Views says:

    I’ve been more than happy to link to your reviews each week. I hope you picked up a little traffic from them as people _should_ be reading them imo.

    I’ve noticed some mixed reactions from the end of the show, personally I thought it was close to pitch perfect. The Wire may have finished better overall but I don’t think there’s any other ending I could have asked for Vic. Especially when coupled with just how gut wrenching the end was for Shane, Ronnie and even Lem.

    What’s next on your “to watch and review” list? Mad Men? Sons of Anarchy?

  3. Geeky Talk says:

    Really? From what I read most people thought it was a great ending. The people who probably disagree are those who like everything to have closure. I thought it was one the best endings to a TV show ever. It should top any lists really.

    Not too sure what to review next. I’ve only seen the first episode of Sons of Anarchy so need to get watching that. Though come January I will be reviewing 24 and Lost so I’ll be quite busy.

  4. Rev-Views says:

    I’ve read some places where people go nuts about the ending. TVSquad’s comment thread is divided between people who loved it and people who obviously aren’t comfortable with it. There are some great interpretations about “what will happen next” from some of them as well, especially the people who desperately want to read more into Vic’s tucking his gun into his waist band than there is actually there.

    I’d definately recommend watching Sons of Anarchy, I’m going to do a full feature on it sometime in the next week or two. It’s considerably better than the first few episodes would suggest and more importantly it’s been confirmed for a second season.

  5. Donald says:

    A great show and one of the best finales I have ever seen. I hope maybe even with some fan involvement there will be a sequel movie down the road taking up three years later when Ice’s contract is up what Vic will do next and what has happened to the others. It could be a great movie and one I would definitely pay to see….,

  6. Dan says:

    The great Greek tragedy that this show was, we viewers really deserved to see some closure, some confrontation between Vic and Shane in the end. I felt so stiffed by the writer’s on this. I waited the whole final season to see this materialize. During the cat-and-mouse game they played for the whole season, I was salivating thinking about Vic and Shane coming to blows (gunshots) in the end, and finally some payback for Lem. Oh the humanity. Ronnie’s demise really was a punch to the stomach. Of any strike team member, I really wanted to see him slip out of this, legally or otherwise. To see Vic string him along, like he has done with so many perps, was awful to watch, truly. You knew it wasn’t going to end well for him. Also, the music has been kick-ass the whole series, but they picked a rather weak song for the closing montage. Too upbeat.

  7. Geeky Talk says:

    Thanks for your comment Dan. It’s always wonderful hearing from other Shield fans but I have to disagree with the end song.

    I would have hated it if the show went on a depressing song. When the song played over the montage of images of the past seven seasons, I got really emotional thinking how great this show has been. I want to remember the good times. I had a huge smile on my face at that end montage.

  8. Andy says:

    Nice review, man. Glad to see someone who truly appreciates the show in all its complexities.

    I love, artistically, that Vic had Ronnie sent to prison for all the bullshit that’s really HIS fault. Personally, as someone emotionally engaged in the proceedings, I loathed it. So much so, that if I could go back in time and change the outcome to one more favorable to Ronnie, I would.

    I guess that just speaks to how great the writing was.

  9. MIKE MACKEY says:


  10. Sean says:

    I can’t believe someone said they didn’t get a final confrontation between Shane and Vic. They absolutely did. The phone call between them was all the final confrontation anyone needed. Vic was such a prick to Shane knowing that Shane had absolutely no leverage. And the pissing contest between them when talking about each other’s family was some of the most hurtful words ever spoken on the show. And if there was ever ANY doubt as to what kind of person Vic was, telling Shane he would visit his kids once a year on their birthdays, muss up their hair and tell them a story about Ma and Pa, and then finally ending with “I’ll send you a post card from Space Mountain”, well those words should have flushed all that doubt down the toilet.

    Anyway, I’ve been reading your reviews (about a year plus too late) and I am glad to hear the voice of someone who loves the show as much as I do. Great job.

  11. greg pearson says:

    great review of a great show. I would have liked for Ronnie to cut a deal and Walton Goggins was brilliant at giving Shane pathos, pity they didn’t shoot an aepisode like co pilot and bring back Lem j to remind us of their chemistry, the Shield is the greatest show next to the sopranos like the wire but in the style of oz

  12. Hey fans of The Shield, The Shield is out on Blu-Ray and DVD! Finally!
    The Sheild DVD

  13. this show was so good hate wat happened to shane he was bad but vic was the real evil but i love him anyway the shield deserves a movie

  14. Ruby says:

    I realy love shield i never saw any show like this the story was so amazin and im realy in love with lem’s character…thanku shield

  15. Steve I. says:

    I always liked Vick until he did what he did what he did to Ronnie in this episode… Killing Terry? Terry was a rat, f%^k him. Shane was always a loose cannon, who projected his own weaknesses onto Lem and killed him for it. Shane and his domineering bitch-queen deserved what they got (not the kid though, but that’s how scummy Shane was). After Vick left Ronnie to hang, I lost all respect for him & wished him the worst, worse than he got in the ending. HOWEVER, in *my* “Season 8” Vick busts Ronnie out of police custody and they go on the run together…To some nice non-extradition country with lots of Señoritas and margaritas…and boredom as a penance for their sins………..

  16. Dana says:

    I just watched the final episode and was shocked at how it all ended, although all in all, it was a great wrap up. Someone else pointed out that Danni didn’t really get much of an ending, but she wasn’t really about the drama. I never really liked Mara, but really felt sorry for her in the final episodes and never expected her and Shane to go out that way. I fully expected Vic to pull a rabbit out of his hat at the last second and somehow get immunity for Ronnie as well. Vic was always working so many different angles, I can’t believe it finally caught up to him.
    I’ve struggled though the entire series with the knowledge that Vic was a dirty cop, but I rooted for him to get away with it all anyway.

  17. Louie Barrera says:

    This show is tits!!!!!!! I watched it again from beginning to end for the 3rd time and I absolutely love it! It always keeps me on the edge of my seat even tho I know the outcome and know what comes next. I wish the show never ended. I wish Shawn Ryan could have kept it going somehow or even bring it back for another 7 seasons! The shield beats all cop shows and all cop movies!

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