Heroes – Season 3, Episode 25 Review (Season Finale)

3.25 An Invisible Thread

Our Heroes come together to take down Sylar…again.

Remember this will be a SPOILER review.

The third season finale of Heroes carries on the tradition of disappointing, lacklustre and unforgettable season finale’s.  When we can always guarantee that season finale episodes should deliver an amazing hour of television, Heroes does the opposite.  This is not to say I heavily disagreed with the episode, it was alright in parts but for a final episode of the season, it didn’t deliver.  Now if they had actually showed that Sylar vs Peter/Nathan fight then I would have loved this episode but no, they had to have it happen behind a closed door.  I know the show’s budget has been cut but at least show us something worthwhile.

So Nathan is dead, well of sorts.  Sylar has now been convinced that he is Nathan, so really the other tradition of people never dying on the show continues as well.  I liked the twist myself but as the indication at the end of the episode, Sylar might start remembering who he is.  So what does it mean for Zachary Quinto?  Is he gone from the show for the time being?  Even though he’s one of the better actors of the show, I have had enough of Sylar.  The show probably won’t have him gone for long but I think it’s time to end Sylar’s story for good.

I’ve been quite vocal in my reviews about the quality of the show.  Everyone seems to have their opinion on the state of the show.  The show is a shadow of it’s former self.  Season 2 was abysmal but it was a shortened season due to the writers strike.  Season 3 for the most part was an improvement but sadly not by much to reach the quality of the first season.  Volume 3 was mostly poor but volume 4 showed a lot of promise.  Bryan Fuller is now back which means the show is in good hands again.  His full effect on the show will only be seen during the fourth season.  The best move for the show in my estimations, is to get rid of Tim Kring as showrunner and put Fuller in charge.  Kring’s initial vision was grand but along the way, he’s lost that passion that was seen during the first year of the show.

Volume 5 – Redemption

As usual at the end of volumes, we got a sneek peak into what the next volume could be about.  We see the reapearance of Tracy who seems to be exacting revenge on Building 26 agents.  Maybe she will be the big bag of volume 5.  Then we get to see Sylathan who is starting to be annoyed by fast running clocks.  Maybe we’ll be seeing a Jekyll and Hyde type scenerio.

I’m just trying to decide if I’m going to be faithfully, every week watching the show in it’s fourth season.  Mostly all the story threads have been wrapped up now.  The show can become anything it wanted to be.  It has to become something special or our ordinary people with extrodinary powers will no longer exist.

Quote of the episode: Hiro “Holy crap.”

Favourite Scene: Sylar controlling Claire and being very creepy.


13 Responses to Heroes – Season 3, Episode 25 Review (Season Finale)

  1. Ben says:

    3 things that where wrong with this episode.
    1. The fight scene between Peter, Nathen and Sylar was a joke!!! We didn’t even bloody see it.
    2. So Peter had his powers… right? So couldnt they have had a decent stand off?
    3. Why bother turning Sylar into Nathen; a certain cheerleader’s blood would have easily cured his cut throat.

  2. darryl m says:

    Ben kinda nails this with #3.

    You forgot the other tradition of Heroes season finales–the bad plot twists that conveniently ignore previously-established plot points (i.e. Noah being resuscitated HOURS after being killed with a shot of Claire’s blood) in favor of bad, bad writing.

    I’m very disappointed about the nonexistent Peter/Nathan/Sylar battle–I hope by the time we see Sylar again, the show will have a big enough budget to show that battle as being as awesome as it should be.

  3. Geeky Talk says:

    Yes I forgot to mention about Claire’s blood.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Just a question if Peter took sylars powers doesnt that mean he ll have the ¨hunger¨and go on a killing spree in volume 5. I agree not the best ending.

  5. Geeky Talk says:

    Remember Peter had the hunger power in volume 3 until his dad took his powers. They probably won’t address it in volume 5.

  6. danjewish says:

    I actually think Volume 4 was the worst of all the volumes. I think Volume 2 is better than people think. At least it didnt mess around with people’s personalities every episode. People criticize Volume 2 for moving to slow, but at least the payoffs were good whereas in Volume 4, it moves incredibly slow and the payoffs were poor.

  7. dann says:

    Do you know that there is a flaw spotted in this episode? Do take a look at this link http://dannleong.blogspot.com/2009/05/flaw-spotted-on-final-episode.html or during 39.34 minutes when Nathan is reading the papers.

  8. Katie says:

    This episode sucked! Keeping the fight behind closed doors was so frustrating, and getting rid of the only character left that was worth watching by turning him into one of the most boring was just plain irritating. I was so disappointed.
    The point about the cheerleader blood is brilliant. There are so many plot holes and continuity errors in this ep it’s just ridiculous. Not sure I’m gonna bother with the next season if this is the standard now. It all went wrong when they started sucking people’s powers out and turning them into moany losers (I’m talking to you Petrelli)

  9. Jonny says:

    Agree with everything that has been said above, no fight scene was lame but predictable, considering the showdown that should have happened at the end of season 1.
    I believe Peter only took the shapeshifting ability but it’s not clear, I feel for Peter that is a character, that has gone throguh gaining powers and then have them taken away multiple times through the history of the show.

    Turning Sylar into Nathan was pretty lame, I can’t see why they couldn’t have Matt do something similar earlier in the series, as pointed out it was just a transparent method of keeping the Nathan character going forward. Why couldn’t Matt have just “fixed” Sylar, convinced him that he is Gabriel Grey pre-hunger? Too easy I imagine…

    I will not be tuning into future seasons, I’m drawing a line under this all.

  10. i believe that if they saw some important scenes heroes would perfect: the fight between sylar vs the broter duo,if they saw that peter still had only one of multiple abilities,how peter got the place of the president by the way it is a great show and i hope it gets a better finale in the next season in order to correct this mitake they made

  11. Craig says:

    Again, so called fans wanting to write the show their way. It annoys me that people don’t just take it for what it is. Fun entertaining TV with some good cvharacters and some cool ideas. It’s not meant to be the second coming of Christ!!

    Oh and by the way, can’t Peter only take one ability at a time now? Explaining why he hasn’t got the hunger, can shape shift into the president etc. And they say the writers have no idea!

    Granted the Claire’s blood idea was an option, but isn’t it a cooler idea to go the Syler / Nathan route? And why would the show repeat itself anyway?

  12. Lane says:

    Ah… that actually makes sense because Peter says, “Bet you didn’t think I took that one from you” upon tranquilizing Sylar when he’s impersonating the President. So he did only take that one ability.

  13. Anonymous says:

    the episode wasn’t the best, but I think it was OK. i was so disappointed at the end though because I actually wanted to see one of the main characters die! and i actually started liking Syler, I hope he comes back but i want to see more of his softer side, I’m tired of the same “evil Syler” all the time. (it feels good sharing my opinion)

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