Smallville – Season 10 “Ambush” Thoughts & “Abandoned” Review

Love thy family.

Remember this will be a SPOILER review.

I apologise that the review for ‘Ambush’ wasn’t up last week as life got in the way.  Though giving my thoughts on the past couple of episodes works well because there is a common theme with both ‘Ambush’ and ‘Abandoned’ and that is family.

I wasn’t too fond of ‘Ambush’ but the episode was better because of Michael Ironside.  It was good to see him return to Smallville as Lois’ father The General and he was brilliant in this.

We also get a little bit more information about the Suicide Squad, who tried to kill The General because he was in favour of a vigilante registration act.  A version of the Superhero registration act in the Civil War storyline in the Marvel comics.

Though the episode was enjoyable enough as I liked it was a Lois focused episode but I have to mention the end of the Talon and Lois’ and Chloe’s apartment being blown to pieces.  Sad times.

‘Abandoned’ was a huge improvement and the theme of family continued, mainly about the relationship between parents and children.  We have Lois going through a box of stuff that her mom left her before she passed away.  She viewed a video message from her mother, played by Lois and Clark’s Teri Hatcher.  It was one of my favourite scenes of the show and it probably made a few people who have lost a parent shed a tear.

We also have Clark’s problems with his father who is not speaking to him.  After watching the video from her mother, Lois is determined to heal the rift between Jor-El and his son so she goes to the Fortress to persuade him to speak to his son as Clark is not reaching his potential because Clark thinks he’s disappointed his dad.

A message is shown to Clark from Jor-El and his mother just before they sent him to Earth as a baby.  Clark realises that his father isn’t the perfect man he thought he was, Jor-El thought he was a failure because he couldn’t save his planet.  They didn’t want their failures to pass on to Clark so whatever Jor-El is doing to Clark it’s because of love.  He doesn’t want Clark to become the man he was, he wants him to become someone better.

Even Tess has parent issues in this episode as she finds out that she was given up as a child to an Orphanage.  The woman who runs the place likes to train her girls she cares for to become powerful woman.  Though we get a shock right at the end of the episode as we find out that Lionel Luthor is the father of Tess.  Now that means that Lex is her half brother so we’ll see what she does with little Lex now she knows this.

Geeky Thoughts:-

  • Darkseid seems to be recruiting people for the upcoming “war.”  The woman running the Orphanage is a part of it.
  • Two great scenes were Lois’ mother video message and the message to Clark from his parents.  Brilliant writing, it’s always wonderful to see from the show.

The final season is going from strength to strength.  Even the sub standard episodes this season have been of decent quality and entertaining.  You can sense that the show is building up to something great.


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